Economic Growth and Job Creation

Chris became sharply aware of the limited number of available jobs in Central Pennsylvania when he was laid off for a time from his mechanical engineering position in northern Dauphin County.  When the national economy plummeted in late 2008, so did the number of job prospects, while at the same time the ranks of the unemployed burgeoned.

Chris will endeavor to increase job growth at the local level.  He understands that local, family-sustaining jobs are key to retaining our vibrant communities. Chris supports revising Pennsylvania’s tax structure which hinders our competitiveness on the global market, and funding training and retraining for our workforce to compete in the new technology economy.

Legislative Reform

Pennsylvania government has a reputation for moving at a snail’s pace.  If we do not change this reality, the state government is in danger of losing the support of the people that elect it.  Chris will be a force for smart legislative reform. He is in favor of term and campaign finance limits, repeal of automatic pay raises, open primaries where registered independents have the right to vote, reforming the redistricting process,and increased fiscal transparency.

Quality Public Education

Chris supports quality public education.  As a graduate of the West Perry School District, he is disappointed in the recent decrease in the state’s financial commitment to public education.  When education is cut in the state budget, local property taxes inevitably rise.  Higher property taxes are unfair to all property owners, but fixed income residents, including seniors, are often the hardest hit. The state legislature must reaffirm its commitment to public education and not divert funds away from the public school system.


With the discovery of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale formation, we are at a crucial point in Pennsylvania’s history.  Past Pennsylvania energy discoveries such as oil and coal have both been beneficial to our economy and harmful to our natural areas. We now have a chance to get it right.  Chris will work to properly fund state oversight while at the same time addressing safer extraction of natural gas. He supports the renewal of Growing Greener and the preservation of open space and farm land.

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