Protecting Our Right To VOTE

A senior citizen, who lives in an assisted living facility in Susquehanna Township, spoke to me about her neighbors lack of knowledge about the new Photo ID requirement for voters this fall. She explained how many of them have no idea that the law even exists, let alone how to get a photo ID if they do not currently have one. A few of them did know about the law and went to PennDot to get a “free” ID and they were required to pay $13.50 for the “free” ID they received.
To many of us getting an ID is not a problem, but there are a substantial amount of registered voters that do not have access to transportation or have very limited income or do not have an official birth certificate, all of which makes it unlikely they will have a photo ID in time for the election this fall.
Whether you support the law or not is your own decision, but we need to make sure that eligible voters retain their right to vote. I plan to help as many people as I can to get Photo ID, but it is an uphill battle. As such, I have issued the following press release and challenge to the incumbent Representative in the 104th district:

“Chris Dietz, Democratic challenger for the 104th State House District, urges current State Representative Helm to join his call to delay the implementation of the new Pennsylvania Voter ID law to give each eligible voter the opportunity to obtain a valid photo ID.  A recent Pennsylvania Department of State report has indicated as many as 758,000 or 9% of Pennsylvania’s voters could be disenfranchised from their right to vote in the upcoming November Election because they do not have a PennDot issued photo ID.  

In the 104th District, 6% or 2,300 registered voters could lose their right to vote due to the new Pennsylvania Voter ID Law which was supported by Representative Helm.   Chris Dietz challenges Representative Helm to protect the right to vote of the 1250 Republicans, 866 Democrats, and 182 other affiliated voters across our district who have been identified by the PA Department of State as not having a PennDot issued photo ID. Partisan politics, as indicated by House Majority Leader Turzai, under the guise of legislation purported to help Pennsylvania is not good or transparent government.  The right to vote is a quintessential American ideal.  Please join me in asking our Representative to represent us by not taking away our neighbors’ right to vote.”

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