Voter ID Information

In an effort to educate voters about the voter ID requirements, here are a couple links that might help. If you know anyone that is having problems navigating the process of getting an ID, which many of them may not have internet access, please print out and/or share information from the following links:

PennDOT – Step by step procedural instructions:

PennDOT – The Oath/Affirmation form required to avoid the $13.50 ID Fee: (The applicant must know to fill out this form otherwise they will get charged) – Information website from PA Department of State:
(I would like to draw attention to the link entitled “PA Care Facilities / Elderly / Disabled”. Some Care Facilities may already issue Photo ID that is acceptable under the Voter ID Law. The ID must include the person’s photo, full name, and expiration date that is current.)

And the last week of August the new Department of State ID will be available through PennDOT: (This ID will be available to those that do not have a birth certificate.);//;80/portal/

At this point we have until Nov. 6 to get this information out to those that need it. Depending on the outcome of the cases working their way through PA Courts, this may get extended, but please be on the lookout for anyone in need of this information.

Thanks for your help!

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